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With day trading, you need to make decisions quickly, and having a “clean chart” and focusing purely on the price action will make this process easier. Online trading has large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the Forex, Futures, Stock, and/or Options markets. All information and material purchased from this is for educational and advise purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advice.

Forex Trading Blog

You can master trading as an individual or have in place a plan to pool capital and pay a master trader to trade on your behalf – you share profits or losses after a stipulated period. Sideways or choppy trends are very risky, and most traders can choose to stay out of such markets. But, some confident traders also make money by opening positions within the support and resistance lines. Secondly, traders require more than ever mastering risk within the entire forex industry. Things happen within forex markets, and it’s no joke when traders lose all capital within a fraction of a minute. Generally, market sentiment narrows down to the general feelings and perceptions of traders regarding announcements.

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Whenever actors like commercial banks feel safe within an economy, investments flourish with capital inflows. Traders should go for platforms/brokers offering best spreads or lowest. A spread is a deviation between the selling and buying prices for any quoted pairs. Being willing to share that knowledge and help others succeed will engage leads and existing clients.

  • This unique website is a great forex news website with timely coverage with intensive analysis in categories like Central Bank Insider, Institutional Strategies, eFx columns or any other article columns.
  • On most occasions, a standard lot comprises 100,000.00 units of currency.
  • Stay informed about economic and political events that may impact the forex market.
  • When it became apparent that this list wasn’t very satisfactory, I added to the list all of the URLs listed under the Alexa Forex classification.
  • Navin Prithyani shared the elements every trader should look at before entering a trade with us.

Nowadays, any person who wants to engage in trading is not faced with the question of how exactly to do it. Access to relatively free and fast Internet is available in almost every country in the world, and the number of users of online trading applications is constantly growing. As you can see, this is a formidable list and one that will take you some time to explore and research for yourself. There are some wonderfully valuable resources and golden nuggets contained in this list and chances are high that a few of them could help you become an even better trader than you are now. I’m sure there are some more great Forex blogs out there that I’ve missed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog or your favorite site or resource, just list it below to share it with others.

My Thoughts On Recent Market Volatility & The Coronavirus Crisis

Forex trading can be a lucrative and exciting way to participate in the financial markets. However, it is crucial to understand the risks involved and to have a solid understanding of trading concepts, strategies, and best practices. With dedication, Forex Trading Blog patience, and a commitment to continuous learning, anyone can become a successful forex trader. It offers advanced charting, market analysis, and trading automation capabilities, as well as access to a wide range of financial markets.

We’ve written about the benefits of content marketing before, and we’ve advocated blogging as a part of your content marketing efforts. According to HubSpot, 77% of internet users read blogs regularly, and 84% of financial services marketers said that in 2019 they would spend the same amount or more time blogging than in 2018. Some traders might find day trading suitable for them, but then change to swing trading later in their trading career. Just as the market environment constantly evolves, so do traders and their preferences.

Holiday posts

The authors of the articles or RoboForex company shall not be held liable for the results of the trades arising from relying upon trading recommendations and reviews contained herein. In this article, we will examine the medium-term indicator trading strategy “Three Moving Averages + MACD”. We will learn how to install these indicators on the chart and use them in trading. Learn the latest information to analyze the markets, invest and trade funds, crypto, stocks, and other financial instruments.

  • Some popular technical indicators include Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, and Relative Strength Index (RSI).
  • I am also a Forex trader, a programmer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Forex blog.
  • It delivers and analyses news on a daily basis as well as a weekly forecast on the energy commodities.
  • They offer webinars & technical analysis articles to help you understand how to trade financial markets.
  • I’d highly recommend having a dive into this forex trading blog to have a look at some of the trade ideas and market sentiment ideas.

It evaluates many characteristics in its reviews such as withdrawal process, payment methods, supported platforms, customer support and registration process. An international FX broker, RoboForex offers a number of FX trading services that include professional ECN trading and cent accounts to businesses and individuals. It offers various trading platforms and more than two hundred trading instruments for the convenience of all types of forex traders. Both expert and beginner traders can benefit from the advice, news and information it provides.

They give clear analysis and as well expound on the best trading opportunities within the news segment where applicable. ForexPeaceArmy is one of our most-linked-to sites because of all the valuable resources they offer to traders. If you haven’t heard of FPA then you must not have been around the forex market for very long. They offer reviews on forex projects, signal services, robots and other tools for traders.

Besides, trading portal is the blog about cryptocurrencies; it includes detailed analytical and educational video reviews, the most informative and helpful both for beginners and for advanced forex traders. Here, we place the news and materials about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies – everything you need to operate and invest in the cryptocurrency market successfully. Along with the above topics, trading blog covers many other additional complementary issues of trading for professionals – money management rules, risk management system and trading psychology.

You should read and understand these documents before applying for any AxiTrader products or services and obtain independent professional advice as necessary. If the price moves in one direction, your position gets larger and so does your floating PnL. The risk is of course, that you will get false breakouts or a sudden reversal. Furthermore, you can approach news trading either with a bias or no bias at all. It means that you have an idea of where you think the market might move depending on how the event unfolds. On the other hand, news trading without bias means that you will try to capture the big move regardless of its direction.

Forex Trading

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Forex Trading

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