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Direwolf Premium Vodka 33%

Using specialty rice only in Vietnam, distilled through 6 tower and filtered slowly via quartz sand and birchwood charcoal, each Direwolf Vodka comes in its purest form.

Direwolf Vodka is crystal clear and transparent with a pure smell. The vodka tastes slightly sweet after a sip while the 33% ABV is just enough to bring out a smooth beginning and a more complex and deep flavor after a few drinks.

Vodka is essential to any Vietnamese’ life, either in bad times or good times. Vodka can be used as a catalyst for a party or a soothing drink during a sad night. We live our lives with vodka, during a family reunion or a simple friend get-together.

The story of Direwolf Premium Vodka 33%

From a grain of rice to a drop of premium vodka

Each grain harvested is consider “God’s treasures” by the meticulous and labor intensive process. The best grain were selected, soaked, planted and harvested by the experienced farmers.

Once harvested and fermented, the ‘God’s treasures’ become rice wine in its simplest form. The wine now goes through 6 towers of distillation and multiple layers of filtration to become the purest vodka possible: the Direwolf Vodka.

Direwolf Premium Vodka – 100% from Vietnam specialty rice.


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