The Company

We promise to deliver high quality products and excellent customer services.

The consumer is key and our most important goal

Come together as colleagues, Newbev staff is now under a new roof where each person plays an important role in making us the dominating player in Vietnam spirit market.

Owners and founders of NEWBEV have almost 20 years experience in spirits/beverage industry. Together we had built the biggest vodka brand amongst a lot of other famous spirits brands of Vietnam in the last decade.

Therefore, the Direwolf ego not only stands for the product, but also a self-reflecting image of the Newbev staffs. We are a Direwolf pack ourselves: strong, intelligent and united.

The Brand

Direwolf Vodka – the first pioneering product of Newbev

Direwolf Vodka – the first pioneering product of NewBev Group – is the symbol of power, intelligence and courage. Direwolf Vodka, launched in January 2020, is a combination of premium Vietnamese ingredients and cutting edge European technology.

Wolves have always been known for their exceptional intelligence, strength and audacity. They represents ultimate freedom but at the same time each individual has to stick with the rules of the pack in order to survive.

We at NewBev Group wanted something different. Through Direwolf Vodka, we encourage each one of us to innovate, breakthrough the daily boring routines and strive for new experiences in order to enjoy a more colorful life, full of positive vibes.

Be free – Discover your new freedom!


The Best Vodka in Vietnam

100% made from specialty rice of Vietnam, Direwolf Vodka is a premium vodka product with one of the richest and most complex flavor profiles among the domestic vodka products.

We use the latest distillation technology with 6 distill towers and absorbent filtration from Europe. Each Direwolf Vodka drop comes in its purest form and highest quality possible.

The Direwolf Cork Cop, Label & Bottle are manufactured by top industry manufacturers: Guala International, Technologica and Xilong respectively.

Direwolf Premium Vodka is a combination of pure passion for spirit-making and the latest production technology. The vodka has 33% ABV made from specialty rice, one of the best ingredients in the world used to make vodka.

The Direwolves