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Vodka SÓI Green



From the early days, the NewBev research team has always dreamed about a perfect combination between the best vodka in Vietnam – Soi DireWolf Vodka with some of Europe’s most secret ingredients, usually grown in the deep far away forests.

And that’s how Soi Green was born!

But Soi Green has much more to offer than just its unique ingredient origins. When you pick up and indulge on a first sip, it opens a wholesome and complete journey to the old mysterious forest of the European lands, immersing yourself among the grass and flowers on a late summer day.

Soi Green is also a special companion for special moments. Whether you are happy or sad, whether you want to celebrate an achievement or simply to forget an event of sadness, whether you are enjoying a crowd or staying by yourself, Soi Green is there with you, to fill up the spaces, to make small pieces of moments become unforgettable memories.

Vodka Soi Green – the unique flavored vodka in Vietnam.


Tin tức

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Tin tức

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